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Baby Taz and Bugs Bunny Football Stationary

 This cute stationary featuring a baby Tasmanian devil and bugs bunny playing football is perfect for writing a letter to grandma or your child’s penpal.  Teachers and Homeschool moms can print and use this fun Looney Tunes stationary as a starting point for story writing.  This kid friendly stationary was created by Michelle Grover and graciously share by her.  You can print out as many sheets as you need.  Click on the links below to go to a lined version or an unlined version.  And this stationary is printer friendly with that a white background saving you ink. 





Looney Tunes Stationary for Kids

Lined Baby Taz & Bugs Bunny Stationary
Unlined Baby Taz & Bugs Bunny Football Stationery

Story Starter Ideas

One day and Taz and Bugs Bunny were playing out on the yard.  They decided they wanted to play football.  “I don’t know how to play football,” said Bugs.  “Here,” said Taz.  “You play like this…”

Its football season again in time for fun.  Write a story about the picture on the stationary.

My favorite football team is…

Who won the game, Taz or Bugs?

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