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Making Apple Books 

by Tammi

What you will need:

  • apples
  • cut- out apples shapes

What you do:

Cut out 7 apples shapes per child. An easy way to do hit is to take a piece of construction paper fold it in fourths and cut out apples shapes.

Put some white paint in a flat dish and cut apples in half, give each child a half. Let them dip their apple in the white paint and put a print on 5 of the apple cutouts.

When paint is dry have them glue apple seeds on them, 1 seed on the first one, two one second, three on third, four on the fourth and 5 on the fifth.

On the 6th apple write "My Apple Counting Book" by whomever.

The seventh apple is the back cover. Then staple them together at the stem and as you read them together the first time have the children count with you and add the numbers to each page. You can add the numbers for the children who cannot write yet.


of Tammi and her daycare groups.


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