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Autumn Bear Stationary - Free Writing Paper for Kids

This sweet little bear is already for the fall weather. And he is more than willing to help you with your letter writing. You can use this stationary to help teach kids how to write a letter. There is a lined version of the teddy bear writing paper and an unlined version. Either one is sure to get your kids writing in no time at all. We have lots of fun stationary and other printables for kids. Just check in the printables index.

teddy bear stationery

Click here to print a plain sheet of this autumn teddy bear.

Click here to print a lined sheet of free writing paper featuring this cute teddy bear.

Here are some story starter ideas as well:

1. The fuzzy little bear slowly walked through the forest. He was sure it was just around the corner. If only he had remembered.......

2. I love my teddy bear because......

3. "Mama", said the little bear. "Why do you think.......

These wonderful stationary sheets were made by Flipper and are used with permission.

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