Classifying Echinoderms

Echinoderms live in the oceans and seas. They have arms or spines that radiate our from in the middle of their body. A starfish is a good example of an echinoderm. Did you know if a starfish looses an arm it can grow a new one? Homeschool science was never so much fun!!


Kingdom :Animalia (Animal Kingdom)
Phylum: Echinodermata (starfish & relatives)

   Simple Echinoderm Divider (shown)

   Phylum: Echinodermata

Classes in the phylum:
  • Class: Holothuroidea (sea cucumbers)
  • Class: Echinoidea (heart urchins, sand dollars, and sea urchins)Subclass:(basket stars, brittlestars, and snake stars)
  • Subclass Asteroidea (sea stars and starfishes)
  • Class Stelleroidea (star fishes)
  • Class Crinoidea (feather stars and sea lillies)

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