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Harvest Mice Counting Wipe and Write Cards

These are so cute and so easy to make! Why buy expensive dry erase math books when you can make your own? Let the kids help make their own learning tools - they will love it! To use these autumn counting boards simple laminate and then let the kids use dry erase markers or write and wipe crayons to write the answer in the square.

Be sure and check out our printing tips before making these printables!
Print the Harvest Mice Counting Cards - these are in 1 PDF file.

Suggested uses:


  1. Print out each card. You can then cut out each counting card separately or leave them all on 1 sheet.
  2. Laminate them. This makes them "write n' wipe" cards.

How to Use

Have the children count the mouse on each card and write in the correct number.


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