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Island of Misfit Toys Crossword Puzzle

How many of the cues can you get correct in this crossword puzzle featuring Misfit Toys Trivia? This puzzle is a bit harder then some of the other kid's puzzles as there is no word bank. The answers are at the bottom of the page. Cick on the picture of the puzzle to take you to a printable puzzle page. Click the link for another holiday puzzle with the word bank included. Keep in mind some of the answers are more than one word. Answers are at the bottom of the page.







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Answers Across:

3. Island of Misfit Toys
6. Hermey
7. elephant
9. Mr. Cuddles
11. Dolly
12. Toy Taker
13. Bird fish
14. ostrich
15. Bumble

Answers Down:

1. Clarice
2. King Moonraker
4. Yukon Cornelious
5. Charlie in the Box
8. Queen Camilla
10. Rudolph


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