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Ohio Unit Study

This mini unit study provides you with ideas, activities, lots of printable coloring pages and free worksheets for you to use. I hope your family has as much fun studying the states as mine is. Before you begin you might want to take a peek at Our 50 States - basic ideas that can be used with any state study. Then check out all the geography fun here at learning Treasures.

Most of these are PDF files. Simply right click the link and choose SAVE AS

Ohio Symbols Worksheets & Printables

Famous (or infamous) People

Important Events or Places in (or near) Ohio

Other Worksheets & Coloring Pages

Fun for the Younger Kids - coming soon

  • Ohio Alphabet Flashcards 
  • Ohio – Ladybug Math Flashcards – Numbers 0 – 10 
  • Ohio – Ladybug Spots Math Flashcards – Counting 0 – 10 
  • Ohio Wall Charts – Colors 
  • Ohio Wall Charts - Months 
  • Ohio Wall Charts – Number Words 
  • Ohio Wall Charts – Days of the Week 

Ideas for using the worksheets or free printables.

  1. Print out the blank state. Label the rivers, mountains and major rivers.
  2. Build a model of a famous spot in Ohio.
  3. Print out the one of the above worksheets and write a front page newspaper report.
  4. Add the symbols page to your notebook.
  5. Fix Pennsylvania Dutch meal.
  6. Make the Ohio flag out of construction paper.
  7. Write a book report on Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Use the print
    out here
  8. If you don’t have a animal notebook start one. Read Starting an Animal Notebook – then begin yours with the animals that are the state symbols of Ohio.
  9. Play a matching game with the Ohio math flashcards. Match the numbers with the correct ladybug spots.
  10. Make a literacy bag for younger students. Include the math flashcards, alphabet cars and scaled down months, days and color cards.

Do you have fun ideas and activities on Ohio we can add to this? Send me an email.


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